Ratchet or Hauling tackle

Ratchet or Hauling tackle

Item number: 09.62.602C
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Ratchet or Hauling tackle

Professional hoisting, pulling and hauling equipment for universal use. Ideal for shipyards and heavy industry. Capacity from 750 to 6000 kg.

Compact construction, lightweight, simple operation. Steel housing and lever, suitable for use outside. Requires little power because of good leverage. Sealed housing prevents penetration of dust and dirt. Upper and lower hooks run in bearings and have safety clips.

Standard hoisting height of 1.5 meters, galvanized load chain. High safety factor of 4:1.
Meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Inspectorate.
Standard hoisting height of 1.5 meters. Load chain complies with DIN 5684 - grade 80

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