Commercial first aid set

Commercial first aid set

Item number: 10.55.502C
Order unit: Per piece

Commercial first aid set

Meets Oranje Kruis requirements. Comes with wall bracket.
Meets requirements of the ROSR (art. 10.02, paragraph 2f).

1x Emergency blanket (gold/silver)
1x Assortment first aid plasters
1x Assortment first aid plasters, 100x6 cm
2x Triangular cotton cloths
3x ideal bandage 5 m x 8 cm
1x Roll of 25 mm sticking plaster
1x Bottle disinfectant lotion 30 ml
2x Pair of gloves
1x Tweezers 8 cm
4x Hydrophilic dressing 5x9 cm (1/16)
4x Hydrophilic dressing 10x10 cm
5x Wound compress 10x10 cm
1x Bandage scissors 19 cm
3x Wound dressing bandage 6x8 cm
1x Respirator mask
2x Elastic 6 cm bandages
2x Adhesive 400x8 cm bandages
4x Emergency bandages no. 3 EU 12x10 cm
3x roll of synthetic cotton wool 300x10 cm
10x Skin closures 76 mm
1x Flow chart
1x List of contents

Quantity: In general on cargo ships it is sufficient to have one first aid box on board in a readily accessible and clearly marked location, in the
wheel house for example.

Several first aid boxes are recommended for passenger ships. The number depends on the number of people on board as follows.

Number of people, (passengers and crew)      -      Minimum number first aid boxes

              fewer than 51                                                                                         1

              between 52 and 300                                                                                                    2

               between 301 and 600                                                                                               3

              more than 600                                                                                          4

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