Buoy line holder - Professional

Buoy line holder - Professional

Item number: 10.20.500B
Order unit: Per piece

Buoy line holder - Professional

Ideal for storing the throwing line of a life buoy such that it is always ready for use. Tidy, clean and ready for action. Meets SOLAS requirements: doesn't kink, minimally 8 mm thick, minimally 5kn/510 kg

SOLAS approved.
Applies to demands of ROSR (art.10.05, paragraph 1).

Color: White
Material: Soft but strong plastic
Rope: 8 mm, orange, braided polyethylene

Definition Buoy line holder (fits in buoy)
For buoy: Professional (75 cm - 30")
Dimensions: 480 x 120 x 70 mm
Line: 30 m
Weight: 550 gram

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