Besto Twin Chamber Solas 300N

Besto Twin Chamber Solas 300N

Item number: 10.50.170F
Order unit: Per piece

Besto Twin Chamber Solas 300N

Must be worn over outer clothing.

The Besto Twin Chamber life jacket is designed for extreme weather conditions and is suitable for a variety of purposes.
The high buoyancy provides extra protection when wearing tools and heavy clothing and is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.
Automatically inflatable by means of a CO2 cartridge that is activated by a water-soluble tablet, or by using the pull cord.

Complete double system, 1 floating body with 2 chambers, 2 CO2 cartridges and 2 mechanisms.
Also inflatable by mouth and complete with whistle. The cover is made of hard-wearing Cordura fabric and is provided with a zipper.

Standard equipped with:
• Integrated safety harness
• Double leg strap with lateral adjustment
• Hoisting eye
• Stainless steel buckle
• Stainless steel eye for lifeline
• Life jacket light
• Fleece collar for added comfort

SOLAS - MED 96/98/EC approved
Meets the ROSR requirements (art. 10.05, paragraph 2).

Classifications life jacket: ISO 12402-2
Classifications harness: ISO 12401
Activation system: United Moulders MK5 - 2 x 60 gram
Color protective cover: Red
Color flotation section: Signal Yellow
Buoyancy: 300N
Size: Minimum 50 kg body weight

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