Adler hand winch

Item number: 09.08.005F
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Adler hand winch

Easy to operate and completely enclosed design.

Load brake
With a safety handle that acts as a load brake and automatically holds the load at any height. Lowering is only possible by reversing completely. For masts etc.

Centrifugal brake
The load is also automatically held at any height. Lowering is possible by gently pushing back the handle, which also controls the speed of the descent. (free fall). By using a small auxiliary handle the load-free cable can be unwound or wound up. For rowing boats, sloops, cargo booms etc.

Type: WH050
Brake: Load brake
Hoisting capacity: 63 kg
Blocking: Self-braking
Drum dimensions: 62 x 50 x 51 mm
Wire capacity: 28.6 m for 3 mm
Dimensions: 170 x 142 x 228 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg

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